Once you decide to start franchising, the Larkin Hoffman Franchise Team will gather detailed information from you on your company, your brand, the products and services you provide, and the structure of the franchise system. We will give you a detailed questionnaire to fill out on all aspects of your to-be-formed franchise system.

Then, together, during an all-day, in-person meeting, we’ll review this information with you in the following areas:

  • identity of the business to be franchised;
  • trademarks, brand names, and other intellectual property;
  • identity of the principals of the business;
  • litigation and bankruptcy history;
  • identity of the prototypical franchisee;
  • advertising campaigns to find franchisees;
  • locations and territories for outlets;
  • franchisees’ initial investment required, ongoing fees, and financing arrangements;
  • advertising programs on behalf of franchisees;
  • support and training services;
  • other obligations of the franchisor;
  • supplier relationships;
  • terms of Franchise Agreements;
  • financial matters;
  • projected sales of franchises; and
  • other legal matters required for the Franchise Disclosure Document, Franchise Agreement, and ancillary contracts.

We can also recommend experienced franchise consultants to assist you in preparing an operating manual for your franchise system (which explains the ins-and-outs of operating an outlet) and developing training programs for franchisees.

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